Jennifer is a writer, independent film producer, and SAG actress. An Alumna of New York University, she has completed her B.A., M.A., and advanced Doctoral studies (ABD) towards her Ph.D. on Shakespeare. She has taught literature and writing at New York University, The Cooper Union (in NYC), and Clark University in Worcester, Mass.

Jennifer has produced a number of shorts including Beyond the Grid, Radial Blur, The Test, and Maybe. . . Now. She is in Pre-Production for the Horror/Psychological Thriller feature, The Groundskeeper, and currently has several feature film and TV/new media projects in development.

Her recent acting projects include starring in the following independent films and theatre productions: Horror/Psychological Thriller, The Witching Hour (director Kevin MacDonald) with Michael Madsen, William Forsythe, and Tony Todd; Crime Dramas Angelo’s Revenge and Sheppard’s Maiden, the latter with Lenny Clarke (both with director John Depew), the action/drama Maybe. . . Now, and the forthcoming Horror/Psychological Thriller feature film, The Groundskeeper.

Jennifer was also a lead in theatre director and Elie Wiesel protégé, Guila-Clara Kessous’ production of Zalmen, or the Madness of God and Eve in Limbo, and theatre director Lau Lapides’ production of the controversial Machsom Watch.

Jennifer is a Partner and Producer at Mtown Films.